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A New Model for Treating Addictive Disease

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Georgi Educational & Counseling Services

A New Model for Treating Addictive Disease

Drug addiction is insidious, tenacious and at times seems nearly unstoppable. But, it is treatable.

Nationally respected for their work, with over 70 years of collective experience, Jeff Georgi and Becky Georgi, of Georgi Educational & Counseling Services (GECS), deliver a targeted and science-based approach to helping individuals and families, treatment centers and educational institutions find real solutions in addressing addictive disease.

Through decades of research and experience, utilizing his many areas of expertise, Jeff Georgi has defined a comprehensive model of addictive diseases: The Biological, Psychological, Social, Spiritual and Experiential Model (BPSSEM). This multi-dimensional approach to understanding addiction and recovery is the first of its kind to offer the individual patient and practitioner a flexible, adaptable approach to healing that considers the complexities of an individual’s biological and genetic history, lifestyle, psychological status, spiritual orientation, and accumulation of life experience.

The BPSSEM helps provide a foundation of understanding for the effectiveness of different clinical interventions while identifying areas of vulnerability. Even more fundamental, the BPSSEM defines and describes the inescapable reality that a substance use disorder is much more than a brain disease and it is not a failure of will, character or intellect. BPSSEM is the product of an abundant body of rigorous scientific evidence, and thousands of former addiction patients who are now joyfully living healthy, productive lives – no longer at the mercy of their addiction.

This teachable, integrated treatment model is the cornerstone of Jeff Georgi and Becky Georgi’s work and mission and the topic of a forthcoming book, Beyond Shame: A New Look at Addictive Disease, that will be available to clinicians and the general public in early 2022.

Well-versed on the subject of adolescent and young adult development due to her background in academic settings, Becky Georgi is a trained Family Therapist, and has extensive experience in mental health and addiction treatment in educational, residential, inpatient and outpatient settings.

Rather than compartmentalizing treatment into a single discipline, Jeff and Becky Georgi use an integrated and systemic approach to the recovery process, opening up channels of communication between doctors, therapists, other healthcare professionals and family members involved in the healing process, recognizing that combatting Substance Use Disorder means treating the whole person. As part of this systemic approach, they address the potential for clinician burnout by dealing with the impact of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue.

By creating a patient team that includes both healthcare providers and families, Jeff Georgi and Becky Georgi’s work has modernized prevention, intervention, treatment and education and has positively impacted thousands of clients.

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Aaron White, PhD – Chief of the Epidemiology and Biometry Branch. Senior Scientific Advisor to the NIAAA Director. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Jeff Georgi is a true international expert on the subject of addiction and the family and a pioneer in the area of helping families and family members overcome substance abuse and dependence. He keeps current with scientific developments in several fields, including the area adolescent brain development, and incorporates new findings into his clinical approaches. An expert among experts.

Dortch Mann, LCMHC, Psychotherapist at Carolina Psychological Associates

Jeff provided an extensive training in group therapy several years ago that has stayed with me ever since. His in depth knowledge, warm demeanor, and “tricks of the trade” approach to helping us learn how to facilitate group therapy was a training “touchstone” for me. It was an experience I hope one day to be able to replicate for my trainees.

Participant comment from the Mountain Area Health Education Center’s Annual ADDICTION: Focus on Women Conference

There is no one who compares with Jeff’s presentations! His experience, knowledge and teachings are so enlightening – I am so grateful to be able to learn from him, and to be able to put this information to use within a clinical setting is priceless.

I have been looking forward to this presentation for months. It did not disappoint.

Jeff Georgi is such a treasure and I am pleased that Fellowship Hall was able to have him do this presentation. He speaks and presents with such heartfelt intentions and is such a real person which makes this presentation more impactful.

As usual. Excellent!!!! he is awesome in presenting clinical issues with his own life’s experiences. I cried so much during the training that i almost forgot that I was in a clinical training. It felt more like I was on a spiritual retreat listening to a speaker sharing “how to get closer to my inner spirit of hope, change and growth.”

Jeff Georgi


National Speaker and Trainer

Becky Georgi


Program Coordinator