Georgi Educational and Counseling Services offers a wide range of services to the substance abuse treatment and recovery community:
  • Trainings – we offer presentations and workshops in conjunction with others who serve our target community. Ranging from a breakout session to a multi-day conference, we are always looking to share best practice, evidence-based, scientifically sound methodologies for a variety of applications. Please check out our Events tab for examples.
  • Consulting – many state agencies, nonprofits, educational institutions, and other organizations retain us to advise them on how to engage the treatment and recovery community they serve. We have a strong relationship with Ph.D.s who can validate the effectiveness of programs through fidelity/competency measurements and we are able to bring these and other resources to the table to serve your group’s mission fulfillment.
  • Group and Clinical Supervision – we can systemically evaluate and recommend ways to improve the management and administration of existing programs. Occasionally, we will serve in an official advisory capacity on a retainer basis.
  • University Recovery Communities – in addition to Bluefield, we are engaged on a national basis with leading edge organizations serving college aged students who have a substance addiction and are in need of treatment and recovery options.