Awesome! I have never known anyone so intelligent and so real.
— Participant comment on Jeff Georgi’s presentation at the Mountain Area Health Education Center’s Annual ADDICTION: Focus on Women Conference

The following can be delivered Separately, as part of a Workshop Series, or as a Two Day Workshop

  • Bio/Psycho/Social/Spiritual/Experiential Definition of Addiction
  • The Biology of Addiction
  • The Psychology of Addiction
  • The Spiritual Aspects of Addiction

Topics for Schools (Boarding, Therapeutic, Preparatory w/Substance Abuse Issues)

  • Parenting and Treatment
  • Parenting With Love and Limits
  • Family Brain: What holds the family together?


Index of Presentation Topics

  • Addiction: A Brain Disease
  • Addictions: It’s Impact on Families and Children
  • ADHD and Trauma in Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment
  • The Adolescent Brain, Alcohol, Tobacco and other drugs: What’s the Buzz
  • Advanced Modified Group Psychotherapy
  • Advanced Modified Interpersonal Group
  • Children/Adolescents of Addicted Systems
  • Clinical Supervision for Substance Abuse
  • Contemporary Ethical Challenges to the Substance Abuse Treatment Professional Requirement!
  • Craving Management and Trauma in the Substance Abusing Patient
  • Defining the Disease of Addiction: Disease vs. Choice: It only matters if you care!
  • Facing the Ethical Dilemma: The ABCD’s of Ethical Thought
  • Group Psychotherapy for Substance Abusing Adolescents
  • Grief: It’s role in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders
  • Interactive Group Psychotherapy with Substance Abuse Clients
  • Limbic Resonance: What is it? and Why is it important?
  • Nicotine Dependence: The forgotten addiction
  • Nicotine Dependency Treatment   Now Required for re-certification!
  • Psychology of Shame and Its Impact on Addiction
  • Rational Behavior Training for Substance Abusing Patient’s
  • The Adolescent Brain: Treatment Implications (Substance Abuse)
  • The Care and Feeding of the Adolescent Brain
  • The Female Brain: Women, Relationship and Recovery
  • The Spiritual Platform
  • Treating Co-Mingling Substance Use Disorders and Personality Disorders


Previous Workshops

  • Clinical Supervision for Substance Abuse Professionals
  • Dsyregulated Eating
  • Geriatric Issues in Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Twelve Core Functions of Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Treatment Issues for Dual Diagnosis


* For some topics training can be done via the internet — please contact us for more information.