National Speaker and Trainer

GECS Training is designed to help you translate research into action.  You will learn tactics for communications, ideas on how to assess problems, tips for specific action on alcohol and substance abuse issues to create sustainable change and steps to accomplish your goals.  Find out how to mobilize and empower your coalition with one of our comprehensive training programs.

GECS will work with you to make sure your training fits the needs of your group!

Jeff Georgi regularly conducts seminars and workshops to audiences throughout the United States on a range of topics.  He is a national trainer and respected author in the areas of clinical spirituality, ethics, Motivational Enhancement, the clinical applications of our growing understanding of the brain and the Bio/Psycho/Socio/Spiritual model of mental health and disease. He has contributed to a number of Treatment Improvement Protocols which are seen as the best practice guidelines by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, Washington D.C.

Jeff Georgi also does training via the internet — contact to request information.