Statewide Training

Over the last 25+ years, Jeff Georgi has been privileged to train thousands of educational and healthcare professionals in hundreds of different settings from schools to hospitals to community treatment centers and other community agencies. In the broadest sense, most of his teaching and training focuses in helping people understand the disease of addiction and apply a thorough understanding of that illness to better support the people they teach or treat. Using a comprehensive model addressing the biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual variables of addictive disease, Jeff helps those with whom he works take away some of the mystery that shrouds this illness and interferes with our effectiveness in addressing its influencing factors.

Jeff is perhaps best known for his early work in developing the Spiritual Platform™, which is a common sense approach to an important but often miss understood aspect of the human experience. In the last 15 years he has focused a lot of his attention on substance abuse within the adolescent patient population, the developing adolescent brain, modified interpersonal group process and the importance of families in the treatment of addictive illness. With 30 years of clinical involvement Jeff brings a passion and depth of experience that helps his trainings come alive – engaging participants on a cognitive and emotional level.

If you or your organization wants to be inspired by the possibility of change and the potency that understanding brings to the difficult issue of substance abuse we would welcome the opportunity to share time with you. In addition to Jeff’s experience, GECS has a remarkable group of other professionals whose training is equally powerful. If you are interested, please take a look at what we are doing on the state level as well as other training opportunities we offer in smaller venues.