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A New Model for Treating Addictive Disease

Jeff Georgi is leading the discourse
on Substance Use Disorders.

He spent over 35 years researching and implementing a comprehensive model of addictive disease: The Biological, Psychological, Social, Spiritual and Experiential Model (BPSSEM). This is a multi-dimensional approach to understanding addiction and recovery, and is the first of its kind to offer the individual patient and practitioner a flexible, adaptable approach to healing that considers the complexities of an individual’s biological and genetic history, lifestyle, psychological status, spiritual orientation, and accumulation of life experience. The efficacy of BPSSEM is supported not only by the periods of sustained remission that he has witnessed in his practice but also by a broad array of neuroscience research, addiction theory, psychological theory and research, and spiritual exploration. 

As well as being the first multi-dimensional approach of its kind to treat and understand addiction, BPSSEM is also a teachable model that can and has been brought into clinical settings.

Georgi’s research supports his view that addiction should not be set apart from other chronic diseases. Much of Georgi’s teaching and training focuses on helping health care professionals understand the disease of addiction to better support the people they teach or treat. Delving into the ways shame and stigma intersect with substance use disorders, Jeff helps the healthcare professional community address some of the misinformation that shrouds this illness to find and celebrate recovery.

As a sought after public speaker, national trainer and educator, he has been privileged to train thousands of educational and healthcare professionals in a variety of settings, from schools, to hospitals, to treatment centers, as well as national and international conferences. Jeff brings a passion and depth of clinical experience that helps his trainings come alive – engaging participants on a cognitive, emotional and personal level. Because of the innovative and interdisciplinary way he approaches the disease of addiction, as well as his ability to inspire and offer new content, his audiences request his return.

The following trainings sessions can be delivered separately, or as part of a series.

In response to COVID, Jeff Georgi is available to provide education and training virtually. Please contact us for more information!


  • Addiction: A Brain Disease and Much More
  • Shame: The Psychological Energy that Drives Addictive Disease
  • Defining the Disease of Addiction: Disease vs. Choice: It only matters if you care!
  • Craving Management: Tools for SUDs Patients
  • Limbic Resonance: What is it? and Why is it important?
  • Bio/Psycho/Social/Spiritual/Experiential Definition of Addiction (By Domains)

(Can be done as individual presentations or integrated series)
–The Biology of Addiction
–The Psychology of Addiction (shame)
–The Social Domain of Addiction
–The Spiritual Aspects of Addiction (the Spiritual Platform™)
–The Experiential Domain (Bringing it all together)

  • Modified Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy Training for SUDs patients (Introduction/Advanced)
  • The Co-Mingling Disorder of Traumatic Stress and Addictive Disease
  • Treating Co-Mingling Substance Use Disorders and Personality Disorders
  • Grief and complicated mourning: It’s role in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

Specific Patient Populations

  • Adolescent Vulnerabilities and Substance Use Disorders
  • ADHD and Trauma in Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Geriatric Issues in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

Cognitive Approach

  • Rational Behavior Training for Substance Abusing Patients


(The family-focused workshops can be combined with an overview about Addiction)

  • Parenting and Treatment
  • Parenting with Love and Limits
  • The Family Brain: What holds the family together?
  • Addiction: It’s Impact on Families and Children

Ethics/Clinical Supervision

  • Clinical Supervision for Clinicians Treating Substance Use Disorders
  • Contemporary Ethical Challenges in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders
  • Facing the Ethical Dilemma: The ABCD’s of Ethical Thought

Jeff and Becky Georgi recognize that to truly treat addiction you must also support and train healthcare professionals who devote their lives to treating Substance Use Disorders (SUD) utilizing a sustained staff development approach.

With that goal in mind, Georgi Educational & Counseling Services codified and implemented a state-wide professional development program for treatment professionals within the Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Services (DAODAS) across the state of South Carolina.

For over eight years, this program provided training and consultation in the innovative Biological, Psychological, Social, Spiritual and Experiential Model (BPSSEM) for all addiction treatment professionals and launched a pilot group intervention model for SUDs patients called Modified Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy (MIGP).

As an additional offering within this program, Becky and Jeff Georgi developed an initiative called Communities of Practice. Not only did this provide additional support for clinicians in the post graduate transition between school and employment who may require additional professional development and education, it also improved clinical practice, increased job satisfaction, and obtained better patient outcomes. The DAODAS Initiative in South Carolina provided a uniform Clinical Practice among Addiction Counselors, ensuring consistency in addiction counselors’ clinical practice and providing a climate of peer-drive clinician support in service of patient care. These programs have now been implemented across South Carolina and elsewhere.

Jeff and Becky Georgi are committed to meeting the needs of the healthcare providers treating Substance Use Disorders and addiction. If you or your treatment agency want to be inspired by the possibility of change and the potency that understanding and consistency brings to the challenges of Substance Use Disorders, we welcome the opportunity to share time with you and provide a consultation for the purpose of bringing these professional development and staff trainings to you.

“Awesome! I have never known anyone so intelligent and so real.
— Participant comment on Jeff Georgi’s presentation at the Mountain Area Health Education Center’s Annual ADDICTION: Focus on Women Conference