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Education and Training

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Education and Training

Jeff Georgi spent over 35 years defining a comprehensive model of addictive disease through the biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual domains of this illness with a particular focus on the creation of The Spiritual Platform™. Most of his teaching and training focuses on helping health care professionals understand the disease of addiction to better support the people they teach or treat. Jeff helps those with whom he works address some of the misinformation that shrouds this illness to find and celebrate recovery.

As a sought after public speaker, national trainer and educator, he has been privileged to train thousands of educational and healthcare professionals in many different settings from schools, to hospitals, to treatment centers, as well as national and international conferences. Jeff brings a passion and depth of clinical experience that helps his trainings come alive – engaging participants on a cognitive and emotional level. Because of his ability to inspire and offer new content, his audiences request his return.

The following trainings sessions can be delivered separately, or as part of a series.

In response to COVID, Jeff Georgi is available to provide education and training virtually. Please contact us for more information!

Focus on Addiction

  • Bio/Psycho/Social/Spiritual/Experiential Definition of Addiction
  • The Biology of Addiction
  • The Psychology of Addiction: Beyond Shame
  • The Social Context of Addiction and Recovery
  • The Spiritual Platform™: A Clinical Response
  • ADHD, Trauma and the Adolescent Brain
  • The Adolescent Brain, Alcohol, Tobacco and other drugs: What’s the Buzz
  • Introduction to Modified Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy
  • Advanced Modified Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy
  • Craving Management and Trauma in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders
  • Facing the Ethical Dilemma: The ABCD’s of Ethical Thought
  • Group Psychotherapy for Substance Abusing Adolescents
  • Grief: It’s role in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders
  • Limbic Resonance: What is it? Why is it important?
  • Nicotine Dependence: The forgotten addiction
  • Rational Behavior Training for SUD’s Patients
  • The Adolescent Brain: Treatment Implications
  • The Female Brain: Women, Relationship and Recovery
  • Treating Co-Mingling Substance Use and Personality Disorders
  • Geriatric Issues in Substance Use Disorders Treatment

Focus on Family Systems

  • Addiction: It’s Impact on Families and Children
  • Parenting and Treatment
  • Parenting With Love and Limits
  • Family Brain: What holds the family together?
  • Children/Adolescents of Addicted Systems

“Awesome! I have never known anyone so intelligent and so real.
— Participant comment on Jeff Georgi’s presentation at the Mountain Area Health Education Center’s Annual ADDICTION: Focus on Women Conference