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A New Model for Treating Addictive Disease

Coaching Services

One of the best expressions of our commitment to students and their families during recovery is Bluefield, a Recovery Coaching Service.

Bluefield grew out of a need to provide extra support for college students in recovery (as well as their families) during the critical and fragile time between treatment and transition into collegiate life. This program began as resource for college students but has recently expanded to include young adults transitioning into jobs and post-collegiate life.

Bluefield is a recovery coach and study support program for college-bound young adults as well as adults transitioning into the job force who are committed to a path of recovery, self-discovery and academic excellence. Bluefield provides individual strengths-based support for young adults in this post-treatment transition period in a variety of ways, encouraging a pathway to sustained, long-term abstinence.

The Bluefield structure includes trained recovery coaches, who co-create a comprehensive recovery and academic plan specific to the university that the student will attend or is currently enrolled. Our recovery coaches have extensive experience with life in sobriety and helping other young adults find a path to recovery while staying active in the collegiate community. They have also completed a peer-support training program.

The recovery coach also connects young adults in post-treatment to the young people’s recovery network in the Triangle area, encouraging their involvement and thereby providing community support as well as individual guidance. Through both 12-step meetings and social activities, recovery coaches provide the post-treatment support that is so vital to a successful return to campus. The program also teaches students necessary life skills to successfully maintain a home, manage their finances, their health, and their relationships.

Becky Georgi oversees the program and coordinates all services while ensuring that the highest level of care is provided for all students and their families. For more information, admission criteria, and to read about how Bluefield has impacted students in the Research Triangle area, visit the Bluefield website.

Counseling Services

We believe the answers to the most perplexing challenges associated with addictive disease facing our patients and their families today are found through the integration of scientific insight with their life experience, which provides greater understanding and a foundation for change.

If you are looking for individual, group or family therapy sessions in the Triangle area, Jeff Georgi & Associates offers evidence-informed treatment for a variety of substance use disorders and other mental health issues. Our experienced professionals work closely with individuals to identify their strengths and challenges in order to create a treatment plan tailored to their needs, while simultaneously offering compassionate care. We also look outside of our practice to involve other respected professionals to ensure a team approach to the treatment experience.

We would not have readmitted (a student) without this type of program. Bluefield worked with us to assist our student and his family in planning out and making the smooth transition from intensive inpatient treatment, into their living program, and back into classes on campus without a glitch. Bluefield’s full service programs – supporting his recovery, his academics, his emotional health and his physical well-being – have allowed our student to return to classes to complete his senior year, and with their help, earned a 4.0 his first semester back, and is now on track to graduate on time with his class this spring.

– Director of Student Wellness & Prevention Initiatives, Associate Dean of Students